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Join the music revolution.

bands & artists

• Showcase music to a global audience
• Monetize your content & fans
• Sell branded merchandise

Concerts at home.


• Curate on-demand & AR concerts
• Connect with a global community
• Secure early VIP beta access

Direct compensation to Artists.

revenue sharing

• Earn up to $2 per supporter per month
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• Open SpotFANS Meta Stores

SpotFANS Meta Store™
Bands & Solo Artists

Sell Globally

​SpotFANS™​ allows indie bands & artists to sell their music and merchandise to fans worldwide.

AR Digital Stores

Specify where your AR store will be dropped. Whether at a live venue, a GPS location, or a virtual concert.

Your Revenue

We do not take any of your sales revenue, and your first meta store is on us; additional stores are $10 annually. 

Store Wizard

Easy steps to create and design your storefront, upload merchandise, set pricing, manage, and more.